Universal mobile/portable POS with unique features which is of high demand for the mall operators, store owners this is going to be an IoT enabled POS ,This is another product which is of g8 demand by mall owners they wanted a connect with the visitors and customers .. This will exhibit those features .. Kindly look at the feature listing

Unique Features of this POS

Dual display (Customer interfacing reward points display)

8-Hrs battery backup with a single charge (GPS+4G) enables to track the POS wherever is moves across

Listen before talk feature enables to convert truncations geographic specific (Conversion rates)

Universal NFC interface (Phones,tags can communicate Read/Write option)

Micro cloud interface enables standalone POS to communicate with the cloud

Info-Push notifications to the users , customers used to get an update wrt to hour/hour or day/day offers and Hungama

First of kind reward points pooling (Community group can pool-in the points) so the user can en-cash it during birthdays/anniversaries

As soon user walks in nearby mall, outlet or showroom offers gets push dynamically

IoT connects to the app and communicates with the POS and shows the shopping history helps the users to view shopping history, gifts articles exchanges

Another biggest hidden revenue is the dynamic video Ads streaming on to users installed app, people get opinion analysis about products, recommendations, feedback

App can inform users free parking slots by showing the real-time location of the parked vehicle as long as it is inside the mall parking slots(rooftop/basement) encash it free parking with tie-up retailer outlet shopping purchase

These are some of the use/cases integrated on top of this POS
  • Supply Chain Control
    Monitoring of storage conditions along the supply chain and product tracking for traceability purposes.
  • NFC Payment
    Payment processing based in location or activity duration for public transport, gyms, theme parks, etc.
  • Intelligent Shopping Applications
    Getting advice in the point of sale according to customer habits, preferences, the presence of allergic components for them or expiring dates.
  • Smart Product Management
    Control of rotation of products in shelves and warehouses to automate restocking processes.
  • Reward points calculation system
    Reward points poolingRetail shelves stock/price programming via POS driven e-ink updates