I am a Passionate Developer/Leader, Wired/Wireless Networking Savvy | Embedded | Wi-Fi | 5G | IoT+ML+Edge compute | Cloud Analytics

Humble, passionate, collaborative, values continuous improvement, entrepreneurial type

Tech Expertise

Accomplished hands-on, quality-driven, detail-oriented Lead Software Engineer and Systems Architect with Product Management focus with a proven track record towards delivering cutting-edge products.

Industry Expertise

I’m expertised in Networking , IOT , Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence


Internet of things (IoT) gateway-based carrier-operator signage monitoring

US Pat. 10581972

WiFi Network Monitoring Sensor and Network Early Warning Platform

US Pat. 62/872,683

Technologies I’ve Worked With

I love to learn new technologies and flex my creativity to create amazing things.

Working @ my Lab

Research, Experiment ideas/build out-of-the-box concepts and prototype minimal viable products @ my garage labs !!

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The Most Awesome & highly recommended developer by the top people.

It was a pleasure working with CGVenkatesh. He was one of the rare breed - strong technical knowledge combined with business skills. We had teamed up on quite a few occasions and he had been an enormous help.

Mr. Sadagopan SServer Performance Architect at AMD

CGVenkatesh Raju is a gifted programmer with exceptional design and debugging skills. His ability to think out of the box and come up with solutions really matters a lot .His learning ability is also very good. I have a good experience working with him on developing platforms and a protocol stack development work with an aggressive time schedule using C,C++ programming language on Linux,Vxworks environment. His Quick learning, Programming and Debugging skills were key to success of the project.

During CGVenkatesh Raju time with Aricent he was involved in providing support as well as implementing features for client product line. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter and provided direction and incorporated features into the system. In addition to being a key core seed member, he demonstrated that he was willing and able to learn new technologies in a very brief timeframe.

I believe that CGVenkatesh Raju is and will be a valuable asset and recommend him highly.

Mr. Narayan RajendraSoftware Engg at Aricent

CGVenkatesh Raju worked as part of my team at Alcatel-Lucent. He impressed the team and myself with his technical knowledge.He is very detail-oriented person and delivers quality software.

He knew what he was doing and was go-to person for the modules he worked.He is extremely knowledgeable,well respected and valued by the client for his contributions and received multiple accolades for his contributions. He was a great asset in our team and will be a great asset to any organization he works for. He successfully implemented Network Enterprise Business Unit features. He proactively investigated stability and performance issues and brought the platform to stable. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, CGVenkatesh Raju is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver.

I recommend him to anyone looking to manage large and complex project, especially in the Embedded/NW domains. I wish CGVenkatesh Raju success and will recommend him for any organization for Product Manager.

Mr. Srinivasulu MManager Projects cognizant - Certified AWS Architect

CGVenkatesh has worked on several technical proposals for Alactel-Lucent in the areas of FTTU,Embedded-OTDR,RFID, and Customized routing protocol for tactile routers. His attention to details was superb and in a very short-period he absorbed the complex tactile routing product knowledge necessary for him to provide solid technical proposals. CGVenkatesh has excellent embedded domain skills and his most proposals ultimately ended-up in a full-blown project included in our product portfolio. CGVenkatesh is very reliable engineering personnel who takes his responsibility and deliverable very seriously.

CGVenkatesh is an excellent manager and a high skilled professional in the fields of routing and forwarding. It's been a great pleasure working with him and I'd recommend him as a manager or a technical lead.

CGVenkatesh handled multiple projects of significant complexity - he can provide leadership, attention to details, and a larger perspective to his teams.

Mr. RAJGOPALKISHAN KONDAPALLISenior Software/System Test and Automation Development Engineer at PRIMUS Global Services