Short Introduction

Technologist with 20+ years of Embedded, Enterprise-Networking(Wired/Wireless-WLAN), IoT, Machine learning, AI products development expertise. Strategic leader with strong business acumen and growth mindset. Well-rounded collaborative executive, with the ability to build trust, influence stakeholders, and motivate teams to deliver high impact results. Responsible for the key Ideas generation and translation of those ideas/concept into product reality and generate revenues for the company, roll-out Proof of concepts(Minimal Viable Product). Conduct technical product workshops and create “WoW” factor among the clients and pitch in for product expansions. As a system architect shipped embedded and defense-networking communications flagship products. Development of software complaint to the standards like RFC, ETSI, ITU, IEEE.Penchant towards doing AI and Machine Learning Research and Research oriented Products.Self-used to research & develop and would dedicate energies during spare-time towards developing POC prototypes at my garage labs. Passionate towards experimenting, building and innovating things.

Technical Skills

  • C,C++,Python,Go,Bashscript
  • Frontend-Wireframes, HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript, jQuery,React.js
  • ServerSide-Micro Services, RESTfulWebservices,gRPC, Lighttpd
  • DB-MongoDB,PostgresSQL; PgAdmin,Redis
  • Middleware-Apache Kafka,Fluentd
  • Frameworks-Flask,Django,
  • Java Spring MVC(Multithread Handling, Connection Pool),PySpark
  • ML-TensorFlowLite,MLlib
  • Cloud-AWS(PaaS, SaaS, and orchestration)/ AWS IoT Greengrass / AWS Sagemaker
  • Embedded Linux,OpenWRT,FreeRTOS
  • Firmware,BSP,Kernel,Devicedrivers,SBC
  • Software Tools-GDB,Dmalloc,Valgrind,Coverity,GCov,PyLint,PyTest,Pydb
  • Hardware Tools-Trace32/JTAG,PicoScope,DSO, Spectrum Analyzer
  • Network Debug Tools-Wireshark,Omnipeek, Aircrackng,Airodumpng,TCPDUMP,TRex/IXIXA/Spirant traffic generators,IPREF3,HAMMER CallMaster.
  • Network Protocols-WiFi(IEEE802.11ac),WPA2,WPA3, EAP-TLS/Ethernet(IEEE802.3),PoE/Layer2 and Layer3(Switching,Forwarding,QoS,Routing)/PPP,PPPoE/TCPIP Protocol Suite(IPv4/v6,UDP/TCP, HTTPs,VLAN,DNS,DHCP, ARP, NAT)/Security standard (TLS/SSL,AAA/RADIUS)/SIP/ WebRTC/CWMP Protocol TR069/BLE5.2;BLEMESH/Zigbee/ LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/4G LTE/MQTT,Mosquito,RabitMQ,Modbus.
  • DevOps-Jenkins CI/CD,Docker, Kubernetes,GitHub,Bitbucket
  • Embedded Android,DeviceTree,HAL;Framework Layers, Headless Android soft sensor(Foreground, Background services),Enterprise network analyzer (Android Agent) app.
  • Build,Train,Test and Deploy ML model from scratch

Product Management Skills

  • RFP to TechnoCommercial Proposals
  • Product Launch(DEMOStalls)
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Proof of Concepts/Minimal Viable Product
  • Market Intelligence, Competitors product analysis
  • New Business Models
  • Define product roadmap and milestones for the company
  • Lead new initiatives with limited resources and support
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Product Positioning
  • Pre-Patenting Claims
  • Innovate, Facilitate and Convince clients through product workshops
  • Key ideas generation and translate them into products
  • Articulate Design Ideas/Concepts – Mockup UI/UX Prototype workflows
  • Customer Segmentation/Consumer Campaigns
  • Managing Distributed Teams
  • Roll-out detailed Software Functional Specifications and Technical Requirement documentation
  • List down detailed user-stories for iterative development of features /feature-enhancements
  • Project Planning, Resource mapping, Work breakdown and allocation, Agile Jira Scrum boards, Waterfall models
  • Build programs to train sales teams and channels, both internal and external
  • Work simultaneously with multiple customers to understand the user personas, major use cases, and pain points.
  • Partner closely with engineering teams as a customers’ advocate to define, prioritize, and implement features.
  • Close deals: Successfully transform pilot trials wins to revenue and forecast revenue outlook

Work experience

Humble, passionate, collaborative, values continuous improvement, entrepreneurial type

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Sr.Software Development Engineer

May 2015 – Present

  • Architect,design,implement and integrate the following features on Cisco AP family (802.11ac-AP1800,AP3200 series)
    • Wireless Service Assurance
    • Wireless Backhaul
    • Access Point Telemetry
    • AP-Sensor client on-boarding/failure times through WebAuth(Browser-less on-boarding)
    • InLine monitoring Prober(RTP,Unicast,Multicast)Latency,Jitter,Packet Loss monitoring from AP sensors and integrate it on Cisco’s DNA (
    • TR-069/TR-181 agent implementation on OpenWRT Stack and Opensource ACS as NorthBound interface
    • Debugablity/Serviceability handlers implementation
    • End to End IPSLA implementation on Cisco AP and on Sensors
  • End to End Implementation of Office Extended AP feature-sets on Cisco 1810(Wallplate/Teleworker) 802.11ac(wave2) APs..
  • Identify and come-up with new set of TLVs and CAPWAP payloads to support BLE-AP communication
  • Wireless BLE console feature implementation – Provisioning & turn-on/off debugs , enabled to collect the logs from concealed APs ..(Feature scope further expanded as pilot POC where drones fitted with battery powered APs to routinely collect AP logs)
  • Proposed and implemented Machine learning engine assisted Dynamic Link Quality Assessment and Visualization feature implementation for Cisco Mesh Access-points(802.11ac) RAP#MAP1#MAP2#MAP3 with client roaming
  • Propose Hackathon driven Proof of Concept and steer the feature towards SW release and brought value addition which enabled the marketing team to pitch in as selling points..
  • Articulate IOT technical Proposals mapping various Use/Cases..
  • Proof Of Concept – Open stack based Predictive NW analytics Platform(Covering selective use/cases)
  • Coordinate and work with cross country HW and devops teams
  • Handle and offer support(Debug,Provide patches) to customer escalated cases through TAC support
  • Enable AP as a sensor feature support – Incorporate Synthetic & Dynamic testing suite support for sensor APs

System Architect

MAY 2013 – APR 2015

[Individual Contributor/Systems Architect/Product Manager]- Sports IOT Gateway(Design and develop wireless body area network sports IOT gateway – sensor clustered OMLED wearable bands relay players vitals to centralized sports gateway which interconnects Performance analysts and Fans).

  • Design and implementation of battery-based/batteryless wireless nodes
  • Customized open source Zigbee protocol stack and its integration with IoT gateway(Zigbee gateway stack to support discovery, control, and monitoring of Zigbee devices)
  • Universal Near Field Communications interface integration with gateway POC was validated using beagle bone black
  • Openstack cloud connector for Smart IoT gateway which enabled two-way communication between them, Store and forward-Locally store information and events in the gateway before forwarding them to cloud services.
  • Interact with Semiconductor design houses for validations,wet-through the process and harden the product development life cycle
  • Interact with vendors regarding finalization of BOM and freezing of engineering test-setup, Work closely with the HW team on all phases till the board roll-out/support them during board turn-around phase
  • Firmware and driver development implementation for the gateway(data-concentrator)and wireless sensor nodes
  • Developed RESTful web services using python to handle aggregated cleansed sensor data from Gateway to the cloud
  • Implement RESTful#MqTT Bridge
  • Evaluate Blackmagic H.264 PRO video-encoder and its integration with T20Pro Player annotation engine

System Architect

NOV 2011 – MAY 2013

[Individual Contributor/Systems Architect/Product Manager] – PEED (Priority Enforcing Edge Device) is a traffic shaping device designed to connect high-speed LAN interfaces to bandwidth-constrained low-speed WAN interfaces delivering required QoS. Supports Traffic Shaping, IP Payload Compression, Encryption, and Forward Error Correction.

  • Hardware and Software design trade-offs and get the design approved from the client after technical iterations, techno-commercial proposal preparation till Letter of Intent approval ownership. Roll out product implementation framework.
  • Development of data path code for 802.1Q, 802.1D, 802.1p and QoS modules for the Marvell Bobcat chipset.
  • Integration of CLI/Web modules into the PEED framework, handle Code reviews, technical mentoring the team.
  • Toolchain customization and build procedure based binaries creation using Freescale System builder, MARVELL SDK.
  • Resolved and fixed critical proto-board system issues during board bring-up from scratch – DDR3L, NAND-Flash, UART and other interfaces.
  • Firmware and device driver development for PCI express/Ethernet/I2C/SPI/USB/Compact Flash/SD Flash/Optics
  • WAN end dynamic link quality assessment and link enhancement implementation.
  • IPREF, IXIXA, Spirent based heterogeneous based PEED peers manual/automated testing, acceptance test procedure implementation.
  • Embedded Web server Graphical User Interface development and backed handlers’ integration with the platform.

Sr.Technical Leader

JUN 2010 – NOV 2011

[Individual Contributor/Senior Technical Leader] – Worked for various Aricent Clients(Juniper Networks , Japanese Radio Corporation , DellForce10Networks)

  • Board bring up,BSP,Device driver development, Diagnostics Firmware deployment. Owned the S55 and S6410 platform bring up its stabilization and its handoff to Force10networks .
  • As an individual contributor took technical leadership towards deploying the following drivers SPI – Boot Flash , SERIAL- RS-232 console , Flash – Compact Flash,BCM – bcm interface, Management- Management Interface,I2C – Real Time Clock,Temp Sensor SMbus – smbus,SIO – Fan Control , SFP interface,QSFP/CFP interface, Reset logic,PCH – Hub driver,SIO – GPIO,driver,ThermalMgmt – CPU, DIMM, PCH ,Crystal Clock- CK505,SATA – SSD ,USB, MDIO , PCI-express,CPLD,FPGA.
  • Responsible for the diagnostic framework design and deployment for the same for S55 and S6410 product series.Worked on the Intel evaluation Jasper board and narrowed down many open issues over the S6410 product series
  • Boot model design finalization for the S6410
  • Worked with cross-migration teams USA-Force10 networks ,Indian-F10 networks on design and feature valuations and integration, Delta networks PCB vendor(Taiwan) for board turnover on daily basis and work towards Business Unit target achievement,resolved majority of the open issues.
  • Broadcom chip set BCM56845 Trident driver development, porting Broadcom SDK into FTOS system and migrating of the underlying Broadcom ASIC ,MAC configurations.
  • Port U-boot code with Network boot support(loading the NETBSD kernel from flash)
  • UEFI development using Intel tools for Intel Jasper board ,Apito based BIOS development, BIOS programming for Intel JASPER # Ibex peak.
  • Juniper E/M-Series Router design and implementation of the following Release Line Items Forwarding controller Hotfix Support of IXP images for LM10a/LM10a+/LM10u cards for REX E320 Platform,Improve SRP Boot time,ATM Segmentation And Reassembly SAR FPGA.

Technical Leader

SEP 2004 – MAY 2010

[Individual Contributor/Technical-Leader] – Alcatel Lucent product lines (Communication Services Business Unit,Network Infrastructure Business Unit,Fiber To The User Business Unit)

  • IP DECT – Call handling , Mobility-management , Handover modules associated features implementation on Alcatel CorDECT base station # IP handsets
  • Enterprise Ethernet chassis and stackable product Omni (Switch/Router) Series BOP – Bird Of Prey (Eagle 8800, Falcon7800,Kite 6824,Hawk 6648,Fuji9600) Platform software development,Chassis supervision finite state machine implementation which governed the entire chassis health monitoring.
  • Designed and implemented Q-Driver/Q-Dispatcher for Ethernet OmniSwitch 8800 (Chassis and stackable) . Linecard , switching fabric ASIC device drivers implementation
  • NI supervision and Prober (Software based Hardware prober) development
  • Platform Infrastructure – In System Software Upgrade , High Availability modules enhancement
  • Broadcom BCM5695 Layer2 NP implementation for Line Cards . Worked on the Broadcom chipset and implemented the MAC and IP filter policies using BCM56504/56500,SDK:5.2.5/5.4.3
  • Feature implementations on GPON(7342)- Ability to ping from ONT , Background FastMIB upload.
  • Designed and developed the feature to display the CPU and memory utilization of the task running in NT (network card) on VxWorks platform.
  • Verizon and at&t marketing team ask were taken-up as POC and successfully demonstrated (implemented embedded inline OTDR feature – GPON OAM) which pinpoints the exact fiber outage point and its root cause.
  • Product management spelt out requirements were analyzed, converted and implemented as feature sets mapping them as Release Line Items
  • Proof of concepts showcased to Alcatel Lucent Technical Academy (ALTA) catering the needs of enterprise BUs and got integrated it as part of product baseline.

Sr.Software Engineer

JUL 2003 – SEP 2004

Proof of Concept implementation, prototyping and beta-testing of Universal RFID reader

  • Anti-Collision protocol State Machine compatible reader development
  • RFID locator Hardware design and firmware development
  • Developed firmware for memory and power constrained controller based Application Specific Target Boards(ASTB)
  • ARM LPC2148 based reader board bring-up
  • Deployed and customized open source wireless sensor network protocol stack over application-specific target nodes (150+).
  • Active and passive sensors interfacing – Tilt,Proximity,Vibration,Temperature,Digital compass,3D- accelerometer,Gas-sensor,GPS,Level,Reed sensors
  • Conversion of the field evaluated concept into the reference design
  • Develop firmware for the active dual-frequency RFID tags with a locator and call the tag option.
  • MATLAB for prototyping and testing of the anti-collision protocol state machine

Software Engineer

DEC 2000 – JULY 2003

Translator 3A SMSI Board – Box which converts Lucent 5ESS format in to 1ESS format and integrated through Intelligent Network SS7

  • CPLD and FPGA Logic Design development, Board Support Package customization, Firmware and Device Driver development , Black box, White box and Regression testing suites
  • Embedded Stack Development for ISDN – L2 Link (Data Link Layer) using Q.921 Protocol Implemented using VxWorks over C
  • Implemented boot and miniBoot modules
  • Z85C30 Serial Communication Device Driver development for Diagnostic Port .
  • Developed Automated Test platform (Emulator) for Translators which will generate SMSI / AUDIX / BICLID Messages like Lucent 5ESS – Switch.
  • Worked with hardware team and did board bring up activities
  • Build automated signal processing test-jig


University of Madras

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering


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