IOT backed telematics

IOT backed telematics enables transportation industry to collect and store remote truck data for analysis to optimize operations and provide insights about the vehicles and its location and driver behavior. This data is taken with the help of a number of sensors fitted along with the box, and data can be pulled using On Board Diagnostics. This OBD system, can provide a real time tracking of the parameters of your car. This is the same system that is used of alerting the driver about any preventive and predictive maintenance issues as well as breakdowns during or before a journey. This is like a real time safety system that helps the driver as well as the mechanics for pin-point diagnostics. All this information that is collected is directly accessible over cloud, and can be used to monitor your driving quality.

The data from the IOT gateway driven telematics enables to tell:

  • the time of day or night drive
  • the speed of drive at on different sorts of roads
  • if braked or accelerate sharply
  • if taken breaks on long journeys
  • motorway miles
  • total mileage
  • the total number of journeys made.
  • Help in case of accident
  • Access driver safety
  • Remote monitoring of your assets (for fleet owners)
  • Access risk insurance
  • Monitor health of vehicle and driver
  • Have better review of the accident