Beacon will be able to say whether the RF equipment were powered down/turned-off before technician started climbing


  1. Mesh BLE dots are stuck on to signage through heat shrinkable sleeve bonding
  2. Signages are interconnected through MBLE-Dots(Enables to achieve longer perimeter coverage ranges >1500Feet)
  3. MBLE payloads are exchanged through secure crypto framework
  4. MBLE payloads convey Signage location, perimeter, positioning, cell-lifetime information and many more details
  5. Cellular IoT GW installed on each tower listens to the BLE beacons emitted by signage beacons and aggregates the data and then uplinks through mobile backhaul.
  6. Gateway cloud connectors securely and instantly connect to the cloud and enable to manage, configure, update, discover, provision automatically through an intelligent TR69 framework.
  7. MBLE profile management is achieved through IoT GW


  1. Signage dashboard gives insight about MBLE profiling details
  2. Tower details
  3. Mapping pinouts
  4. MBLE scanner enables to exactly locate the signage and its location from the gateway
  5. Established MBLE RF path shown through topology-view(RF path history)
  6. Link-Flaps and its convergence details
  7. RF work-volume scanned grid and the signage locations
  8. Perimeter visibility
  9. Alarm category its occurrence and its cause, annunciation details..
  10. MBLE fencing
  11. Signage angular positions on the fence/metal pillars/doors
  12. Proximity, Obstruction-ranging,Vibrations,Swings,Tilt-angles scaling timestamps
  13. MBLE Packet-capture/Payloads Scanner+Analyzer  – (MBLE-SLA)
  14. IoT GW Zero-Touch Provisioning
  15. MBLE Profile updating
  16. Selective nodes firmware upgrade
  17. DHCPv6/IPv6 addressing schema
  18. MBLE link quality monitoring
  19. Set/Reset MBLE payloads packet coloring filter knobs
  20. Diag Prober enables to monitor the end-to-end flow of MBLE payloads origin till its cloud sync