Allows to create your Own Workouts(Personal Identification Technology)

  • Create custom workouts to use on fitness equipment. Save them to your library to access through an app. Schedule workouts to your calendar to keep your program on track.
  • Knowing the right intensity to improve your fitness can be a challenge. GYM Band app My-Zone enables to adjust your heart rate training zone to perfectly match your body’s current physiological condition. By using My-Zone, you can be sure you’re training at an intensity that improves your fitness.

Track Your Progress

  • View your workout results on line to track your progress. View information from fitness equipment on your app, or manually enter other cardio or strength workouts.
  • Smart Calories – Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.

Treadmill customization

  • Customize the treadmill to your own pace, with the inclination and speed. Keep track of your fitness level with the handheld heart rate monitor and panel which displays your time, speed, distance, heart rate, calorie, program and difficulty level.

Share With Your Friends

  • Share workouts and results with your Buddies. Create workout groups. Stay motivated.

Remote assistance

  • Select the feedback you want to view on screen during your workout. When logged in to the equipment, only your selected feedback will appear at the top of the screen. Works with Elevation Series Cardio with app tablet Consoles.

Right workout check

  • Workout check is a recovery test that helps you assess your personal training status. To avoid severe over training, taking the right recovery periods are essential. By repeating this test regularly, you can review your personal training status and see whether you need more time to recover.
  • Training Load helps you to find the perfect balance between rest and training. You can find out your training load status through app. It shows you a glance your daily cumulative training load and advises if and when rest days are needed and when it’s best to train harder in order to maintain your performance improvement.

Corporate Fitness

Our products make it easy for corporate fitness programs to reward employees for their efforts in leading a physically active lifestyle. With GYM band, employees can see exactly how long and how hard they worked out every week. Gym band-app helps to keep track of an healthy and active lifestyle

This platform can drive the sports-coaching and fitness-wellness sectors Coaching

  • Player tracking
  • Team Formations
  • Work Load Monitoring
  • Biorhythms
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Research
  • Connected Wellness segment
  • Heart rate ,Pulse-rate
  • Wellness tracking
  • Gym schedules and alerts