This POC was developed and showcased to address the needs of the Fans, this gateway interconnects the Fans,Players,Venue owners,Sponsors Enables all of them to be connected before, during and after the game periods..Also it enables Ad-Sponsors to know more about fan feelings about their product.

Reasons for migrating from paper/online based ticketing solution towards RF Based ticketing will provide the following advantages were brought in to the sporting community

Reduces investment expenditure and maintenance cost
Reduces waiting time at cash desks
Ticketed status can be known without the fear of expiry
They also provide a barrier to illegally traded and counterfeit tickets through new authentication techniques.
If valid tickets are lost, stolen or traded illegally, they have no commercial value.
Each ticket can be identified and traced back to the rightful owner
only approved ticket holders can gain access in to the stadium
Fans can add special products or values to their band online, by phone, or at a walk-in customer service centres.
Automatic Access control to guests/fans, parking, privileged ticket holders leading to reduction of manpower and administration
Total control over ticket inventory, avoiding mismanagement by staff or by event staff
Fan sentiment analysis database gets created which helps FANS to vote their favorite players and helps players to position themselves in the game during IPL season
Enables sporting committee towards positioning the players