1. Implement few TR-181 parameters on IOT gateway
  2. Check get/set functionality
  3. Try diagnostics test run from remote ACS
  4. Provision Management Server and ConnectionRequestURL for cwmp client
  5. CWMP client daemon running successfully on IOT gateway

Did an analysis on the existing Open source packages and found many were deprecated and support were not available on the OpenACS .. So took GenieACS

Which is an OSS with NoSQL DB and provides access for customization, full backend stack access available..

CWMP client side logics were written in ‘C’ and ash(OpenWRT Shell) to achieve

TR69 agent functionality

Use/Case – WIFI-BLE(Nodes) link quality monitoring

  1. No of devices connected to the Master(AP)
    • Topology (STAR always)
    • Their MAC address
    • RSSI values
    • Transmission power levels
    • Calculate the Link Quality
    • Throughput (Payload)
    • Max BLE Payload
  2. Profiles running on each BLE node
    • Switching of profiles across node
    • SPP profile (Using RF comm)
    • Nodes wont reboot while changing the profiles via TR69
    • BT ç è BLE files transfer
  3. SOAP messages for ACS posting
  4. BLE nodes association history details
    • Active nodes
    • Stationed nodes
    • Parked nodes
  5. Server dashboard info
    • State m/c
    • Stats
    • Connection Topology
    • Dynamic plotting
    • Link Flapping