IoT Gateway enabled WBAN Platform

  1. Provides insights for sensing and monitoring various athletic performance metrics (Course of the game, Practise/training session, training drills) for various team sports(Football, Hockey, Ice-hockey)
  2. Platform provides useful insights for determining ball possession and proximity, Track in real-time the positions of ice hockey, basketball, football players or the ball or puck
  3. Becomes a vital Platform for coaches and players and can cull out real-time analytics and instant performance feedback
  4. Platform works both in indoors and outdoors
  5. Platform paves way for fans who can see real-time key statistics about their favorite player or team
  6. Platform uses hybrid-RFID system for proximity/possession determination in athlete performance monitoring system
  7. Platform uses digital radio based proximity/possession system determination system
  8. Platform uses detector response system throwing and kicking actions
  9. Platform can provide directional analytics (forwards, backwards, sideways) and accurate acceleration information.
  10. IOT-WBAN gateway  Smart soccer platform combines the data provided by the accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes, and running it through a Kalman filter (a linear filter for multiple sensors), IOT-WBAN gateway platform optimises how much noise is on the filters and determine the best parameters. This feature removes the variability between athletes, or between how the unit is worn – because it is set to a reference frame, it doesn’t matter how the unit is worn – which means you can derive parameters that can be compared between different people’s measurements, providing testability.
  11. IOT-WBAN gateway smart soccer nodes inbuilt accelerometers are vital in this process as they measure gravity and give both a measure of player orientation and a measure of acceleration. But in order to accurately measure an athlete’s acceleration, platform removes gravity from the equation. This is done by utilizing information from the gyroscopes, which determine the orientation and explain the direction of the gravity.
  12. IOT-WBAN gateway  smart soccer platform  gives insight on the following parameters
    • Distance – Total distance, distance above speed thresholds (km/h, mph or m/s)
    • High Speed Distance – Distance above a speed threshold
    • Acceleration Count – Number of accelerations above threshold
    • Deceleration Count – Number of decelerations above threshold
    • Impacts & Body Load – Impacts above a threshold (G) and accumulated Body Load
    • Heart Rate – Time above threshold, HR Exertion
    • High Speed Distance (Sprints) – Distance above a speed threshold
    • Maximum Speed – Peak speed achieved in the session
    • Maximal Acceleration – Peak acceleration in the session
    • Maximum Heart Rate – Peak heart rate in the session
    • Distance /min – Average meters or yards traveled per minute
    • High-SpeedDistance /min – Average meters or yards traveled at high speed per minute
    • Accelerations /min – Average number of accelerations per minute
    • Impacts /min – Average number of high-intensity impacts per minute
  1. IOT-WBAN gateway  Smart Soccer Platform provides insights on Possession chains – An analytical feature provided by IOT-WBAN gateway  Smart Soccer tracking technology can be used to represents team’s possession of the ball in a 2D/3D(Open-GL)graphical format to breakdown tactical movement in a simple form.
  2. IOT-WBAN gateway  Sweatband can co-ordinate with Soccer platform and relay measured dehydration levels of athletes in real time
  3. IOT-WBAN gateway  Soccer Platform can measure Eccentric force, Facing, Game demands, repeat high-intensity efforts through 16-D (Tri-Core sensor) technology patentable by IOT-WBAN gateway