All fancy gadgets sit behind nat and configuring often requires technical-support to onboard unit , Big players wanted to dedicate link after ranging recommends customer based on the RF enviornment hooking up the utility handler choice. Upon voice activation intelli-GW can decide to adjust power drawing source (Solar/Tesla Wall/EB) and acordingly power the home. Standalone unit (or) Integrated with Home routers/Gateways this can integrated with Amazon/Google home buddiesUpon surplus power generated listen to neighbourhood and share power at optimal tarrif. Alert well in advance owner/user the life time of the device,timely maintaince to be done to avoid costlier bills.

IoT Smart GW assisted living

  • NAN Power sharing with optimal tariff
  • Reduced carbon footprint (Green house)
  • Individual device life time of device calculation
  • Star rating of device (Periodic Maintence)
  • Power Monetization
  • Enables customers to manage their own homes for the purpose of peak demand reduction and energy conservation without technical knowledge
  • Verifies Demand Response participation
  • Reduces in-rush problems during cold load restarts
  • Reduces liabilities and customer complaints
  • Increases the success of customer energy conservation programs
  • Automates appliance control for consumer safety and convenience
  • Reduces the risk of electrical fires from the top causes like overloaded appliances and bad wire junctions
  • Prevents toddlers from getting shocks from exposed sockets
  • Prevents damage to appliances from surges, high line voltages and blackouts