Make fans as the focal point of franchise

Engage with fans in an ongoing two-way dialogue to make them feel like they have the real influence over the teams and games they love.

Create Brand Mystique

Offer unforgettable emotional experiences that define the larger brand experience.

Ensure total Brand entertainment

From food and drinks , to music and intermission entertainment , ensuring we provide fans with what they actually want.

Integrate out-of-arena experiences

Always connecting fans with fan mined data before/during/after match seasons.

Fan Engagement Platform enables (Events Centralized and Distributed Fan experiences)

Fan Engagement platform facilities conversations about the team during the game is paramount, FE platform allows ways to engage with fans when the players are not on the field. When fans vote through fanzone app their vote goes out as a Tweet, amplifying the brand and message. FE platform triggers poll strategy – Asking the fans to vote for the “Best delivery/WoW Stroke/Unimaginable catch” player of the game by tweeting

360 degree fan monitoring cycle

Fans that come to sports events are the lifeblood of stadium or venue. Their business is our survival. And only with fan-view, will let sponsors/stadium officials to know exactly what, where and how much each fan spends.

FE system enables customers to increase profit and per cap revenue while capturing valuable information about fan purchases and behaviour.

Once the fan is hooked through FE platform, benefits include more increased fan activations of sponsorships and improved targeting of advertising impressions.

Fan view and fan-meter enables sponsors to reward most profitable fans with great deals and offers, from concessions to retail, even to purchases outside the venue so that sponsors can help to increase fan loyalty as well.


Fan Engagement Wearable Catering Sports(Indian Cricket)Fueling Fans DNA

Fan Engagement Wearable

Segmented multiscreen interactive dash out feeds fans with offers and updates and enables them to lively get connected with the match(Removing fan burden) – Fan latches on the fan band and gets connected with the DNA of sports(Cricket)

FAN#Player Gaiting Analysis

Fans get insight about their favorite star players

Drives/shots/fielding actions and master strokes during the event and its sharing goes viral

In-venue Fan Band (fan-engagement)

During timeouts,  the ‘Fan of the day’s location and position are identified using Fan Band driven infrastructure and  signal is sent to the Spidercam. Spidercam focuses on the fan and projects the video footage of the fan along with his/her tweet as 3D projected image on the ground. The same footage is replicated on the giant screen.

Additionally, a pilot light is focused on the fan to highlight his/her location in the stadium. Once the match is over, the announced ‘fan of the day’ gets a photo opportunity with his favorite player for the team he supports.

Fans Express their solidarity towards international matches and enthusiasm even though

they are geographically dispersed , in venue fans wave-their hands with Country Flag/Team logo

Digital-facial tattoos on their facial pics/videos.. (Fans exhibit emotional loyalty to the team)

Using FanBands fans can vent their feelings in real-time to the match arena.

Fans/Event sponsors, Organizers could cull out fans peak heart rates/emotions during match hours(when their favorite stars are on the field)

Fan Wearable enables beloved ones to be  tracked

Database Functions:

  • Store data packages
  • GEO fence management
  • Battery Level Management
  • eSIM management

Data Package:

  • Device ID
  • GPS connection status
  • Coordinates
  • Battery Level
  • Hydration/Dehydration levels
  • Activity alerts/Updates
  • Heat index , UV-Levels
  • FM tethering

Hotel Order Ready/Parcel(ToGo) Intimation

Fans no need have to wait in Q to get their togo/book a table , instantaneous updates about their ordered items/today’s special menu and billed-in details can be known on the fly

Match events Fan cheering from restaurants/sports bar can be voiced to their stars while they play

Based on fan grade respective fan/fans receive offers/discounts from restaurants for what they dine-in

Fan followers get real time offer updates, discount coupons, reward points pooling, transfer it to their fan community and can avail special offers during their Birthday/Anniversary bashes.

Based on loyal fan/die-hard fan ratings respective fan gets automated response from POS while

He/she steps-in mall vicinity and as they move around inside the mall they get greets from stores

“Greeting the Fan & fan offerings for the day” Based on their reward points score fans could avail terrific deals and its promotion goes viral.

Fan Reward points+Brand offer updates

Info-Push notifications to the users , customers used to get an update wrt to hour/hour or day/day offers and hungamas. First of kind reward points pooling (Community group can pool-in the points) so the user can en-cash it during Fan’s/Star’s birthdays/anniversaries. Embedded IoT connector connects to the fan band and communicates with the POS and shows the shopping history helps the fans/store-owners to view their shopping history, gifts articles exchanges

Another biggest hidden revenue is the dynamic video Ads streaming on to Fan Wearable , brand owners could get opinion analysis about their products,recommendations,feedback . Fan band will easily inform users about free parking slots by showing the real-time location of the parked vehicle as long as it is inside the mall parking slots(rooftop/basement) encash it free parking with tie-up retailer outlet shopping purchase

Fans#Stars/Co-stars workout Traction

FAN engagement Use/Case(Fans benchmarking their stars) Wellness awareness Campaigns/Promotions

Fan engagement band enables fans to collate and do workouts with real-time updates getting on to their wearables(Fan workout metrics) Gauges even through they are remotely placed (Owner of the wearable doesn’t feel the loneliness while doing workouts)

Fans share their workout results in real-time with their buddies, Create workout groups keeps

the Fans to stay motivated . Fan gauge workout dashboards/dials gives a close knitting with their stars whom they benchmark as legends , positive tweet/pat on their workings goes viral among fans community, fans start adopting it

Corporate fitness programs to reward employees for their efforts in leading a physically active lifestyle. With Fan band, employees can see exactly how long and how hard they worked out every week. Fan band helps to keep track of an healthy and active lifestyle.

Fan band provides realtime remote assistance to their co-fans while they are carryout workouts based on their bio rhythms Fan band enable fans to collect their metrics while they play and compare/benchmark with their favorite players and tune their playing skills. Fan player local test-match metrics blogging enables viral following and attracts Star player .

Fan Band will have waterproof functionality

-Can track stroke rate sets

– Inform swimmers about their oxygen-levels when deprived during practice sessions and

prevent them from drowning.

-Fan Swim Clubs following

Fan Engagement Wearable(Movie Stars – Movie launches/(Music, Movie Trailor launches) – Star following)

Trailer themes getting played on fan bands

Fans reaction captured , Number of times getting played , Fan fetching star /Costars info,etc..

High precision IoT Sports GW RSSI pattern matching techniques to locate devices or tags and we claim as industry’s highest performance for accuracy (i.e. claims to locate all bands to square meter with accuracy at 99% with 10 meter precision in fewer than 30 seconds. Fan Zone claim that’s  its LPS has the ability to track up to 2,000 wireless devices without the need for specialized hardware or software on the tracked devices. RTLS LPS tool could predict what will happen in a crowd given the environment, the number of people, and the reason why they are there (critical level of about six people per square meter) – Enables crowd/fans density and fans turbulence control

Fan Engagement Wearable Features

  • FAN WEARABLE connects data across tickets, your website, mobile apps, food vendors, in-stadium beacons, Wi-Fi routers, and more to offer a complete view of your fans. Excite the right fans, with the right messages, on the right channels, in real time.
  • Enables to derive fan Analytics– Heartrate, calories burned, arms waived, hands clapped, jumps up and down combined with decibel levels in the stadium.
  • Excite Fans & Track Behaviors on Every Channel (Wearable enables to collect more than 60,000 data points per person. Run contests, accept event RSVPs, gate stadium Wi-Fi and use the data you collect to create exciting offers for fans.)
  • Turn Fan Excitements into Fan Revenue(Platform enables teams to target the right fans with the right messages to increase fan revenue. Our cognitive algorithms help sports marketers find new fans that are similar to existing ones and target them on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other channels. Excite fans and start selling more ticketsin just days.)
  • Revolutionary wearable that interconnects fans with their favorite stars/Ikons following
  • It is a personalized communication medium that keep fans talking about the Stars/Ikons/brand by exploring the digital content.
  • Many fans have always been vocal,and now they have more ways to raise their voices(Fans can actively engage with on league and team sites, social media channels and public forums)
  • Allows Stars / brand promotes to easily understand fan preferences and their behaviors.
  • Enhance the fan experience and nourish high-value fans with more personalized and relevant communications and promotions.
  • Provides more creative, engaging player and game stats, achieve more interactive player stat comparisons for fantasy sports which a fan couldn’t get by normally watching broadcast feeds.
  • It attracts fans to your gates and keep them always coming back for new updates/promotions/bragging
  • Enables fans to analyze play-by-play effectiveness for real-time competitive intelligence which gives them more insights
  • It also enables fans collective data to Perform better predictive analysis of players and rankings
  • Loyal fan spenders were rewarded with entertainment options, enticing special offers, free hotel rooms, and different ways to redeem credits.
  • It enables to predict when fans are not having a good-time and are likely to leave(system then proactively tries to increase guest satisfaction or probability of cleverly giving  fans coupons or additional incentives to stay/spend) experience/satisfaction -> loyalty -> advocacy -> engagement -> fans (word-of-mouth)
  • Enables to cleverly position Stars/Ikons characters based on fan’s likes and surprise them with a magical experience(Which a fan wouldn’t have through of)
  • One wearable with 1000s of use/cases embedded in it.