Project Description:

To establish Geo coded Optic Fiber Network for better understanding of all network components and to know the easiest way to find the Outage/ Macro Bend of fiber.

Understanding Key points involved in implementation of Optic Fiber Network.

  1. Complete survey of optic fiber cables from Patch Panel.
  2. Creating a log of Latitude and Longitude with 5-50 meters resolution.
  3. Creating of Hand Held Terminal for Business Logic with M-LTE / GPRS.
  4. Understanding RFID tagging to Optic Fiber patch cards / Serial Number and its usage.
  5. Service crew tracking using MLTE nodes.
  6. Auto Escalation to support team and messaging Survey Engineers.

Surveying Optic Fiber Cables using IOT enabled locator.

Locator incorporates a wireless GPS#BLE /Zigbee/LoRA radio modules, a high sensitivity. It has extremely high sensitivity for GPS signal acquisition and tracking. The locator is equipped with a portable, rechargeable, with removable battery, just like a mobile phone .The locator is very suitable for broad applications such as, mapping, surveying, security, agriculture, offline vehicle navigation etc. With its low power consumption, the receiver tracks up to 20 satellites at a time while offering fast time-to-first fix, re-acquires satellite signals less than 1 second (average) and updates position data every second.

  • High sensitivity and high performance receiver tracks up to 20 satellites.
  • High speed signal acquisition using 200,000 time/frequency search channels.
  • Built-in WAAS/EGNOS demodulator without additional hardware.
  • With the highly sensitive software to get the fast acquisition and re-acquisition
    in the urban, canyon and foliage environments.
  • Equipped with Li-ion rechargeable battery for long operating hours.
  • Over temperature protection for the battery.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP).
  • Built-in high gain antenna.
  • Three LEDs show Bluetooth,GPS,and battery status.
  • LCD Display shows time,longitude,latitude,elevation,etc.
  • SD card supported for data storage in text file.
  • Supports standard NMEA-0183 data protocol and SiRF binary code at19200  baud rate.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for memory and RTC backup and for fast TTFF.
  • Flash-based program memory, new software revisions upgradeable through serial interface.
  • Compact and sleek design ideal for portable applications.
  • We use Hand Held Terminal at each Patch Panel to send the Outrage / Macro bend information of Optic Fiber.

Understanding Hand Held Terminal.

Locating Survey Engineers using IOT locator and Auto Escalation to Support Department.

M-IOT is a durable and water resistant. It is an Online Tracking System with enable GPS/M-LTE/GPRS tracker. Users can install M-IOT on vehicles/assets/persons for tracking. It can send out SMS with its location (longitude and latitude) to user’s cell phone by M-LTE network or to personal computer by internet connection of GPRS network. Then users can track the location of their vehicles or assets. It is designed to equip with high capacity of Li-ion battery for long operation time. There is one SOS button for emergency help. It is very easy to install or hide M-IOT in the car to perform tracking. M-IOT is ideal application for vehicle tracking and equipment/assets/person monitoring.

Additional Features

  • Combination of GPS,M-LTE/GPRS wireless network
  • Durable and water resistant GPS tracker
  • Easy to install or hide in the car to perform tracking. No external wires needed
  • Ideal application for vehicle tracking and equipment/assets monitoring
  • Optional external antenna for GPS reception
  • Rechargeable 2100mA high capacity Li-ion battery for long operation time
  • External DC power supply
  • Configuration can be done via SMS commands or by application software via USB interface
  • SOS (emergency) button
  • Voice monitor function to monitor the sound/conversation live
  • Geofence function

Auto Escalation to Support Team about the optic fiber outrage.

Identified location is messaged through SMS to the nearest survey engineers to the outrage point. Business Application collects the complete data and messages to the survey engineer mobile using M-LTE Modem.